Catalog of fine art photographic prints for sale
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Catalog of fine art photographic prints for sale
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Modern art photography for sale
Appearance- Monitors and device screens vary, so I can’t guarantee the prints will look exactly the same in person as they do on your computer or tablet. What I can guarantee is that they will be stunning, unlike anything you or your family and friends have seen before- far different than the landscape cliches of a thousand would-be Ansel Adams (who don’t understand that much of his brilliance was in his darkroom virtuosity which they don’t even attempt to duplicate because there’s no pre-made Photoshop filter for ‘genius’) or the ‘pretty picture’ ‘chocolate box art’ that clogs many modern photographic galleries (because there is a pre-made Photoshop filter for ‘intense color’) and don’t even get me started on HDR, which started as a tool for difficult lighting conditions and has become a crutch to make banal compositions look odd- looks odd, must be art, right? Getting off my soapbox and back to the prints I make- if you’re not happy return it/them undamaged within 30 days, and I’ll refund your money less shipping costs.

Editions- While technically open edition, since each print is individually artist made, and I only have so much time to make prints, the market will never be awash in them. That said, purchasing any art as an investment is incredibly risky. Buy art because you love it and because it makes you think, not because you think it will make you rich.

Quality- The prints are artist made one at a time, exhibition quality, and have archival longevity. They’re made on professional photo printers capable of producing more than seven million dots per square inch and can resolve the finest detail and subtlest tonality. Black and white prints are made on a purpose built printer that uses multi-tone gray inks. The inks use encapsulated metal pigment instead of the dyes of most photographic processes and are highly resistant to fading and color shift. Their manufacturer claims that color prints will last in excess of 100 years in normal room light when under glass, and that black and white prints will last in excess of 200 years in normal room light when under glass.

Size and Paper- The prints are made on archival quality glossy paper. The sizes quoted are nominal, and are for the printed area. (Many photographers list ‘matte size,’ not print size. So you buy a print labeled 18”x12” and find what you actually get is a 12”x8” print that you’re expected to put in a bigger frame with a matte. I’ve always found that a bit disingenuous. Other photographers list ‘paper size,’ not print size. So you buy an 8”x10” print and find the paper is that size, and the printed area half an inch smaller. Again, I’m not a fan of that; the sizes I list are image sizes.) If you’d like semi-gloss or matte paper to match a collection or for difficult lighting conditions please contact me, though these prints will cost more. Since I don’t regularly make these it will mean doing experiments to strike acceptable prints.

Care- It’s recommended that you treat your prints with the care normal for fine art photographs- absolutely no direct sunlight, not even for a few minutes a day. Keep them at normal room temperatures under glass and away from the extreme humidity of bathrooms, kitchen sinks, dishwashers, and the like. Directional LED track lighting provides virtually ultra-violet free light while generating very little heat. Placing the lights at an angle away from the eye-line produces glare free viewing- near the ceiling, with the lights fairly close to the wall the pictures are displayed on is ideal. (Always test light positions before committing to modifying your home or office.)

B. Massoni
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