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If you have an arts related site and would like a link on my links page, please send me an email by using the ‘contact’ page- link at right.

I don’t guarantee I'll put one up, but if it’s a visual arts site I probably will. And note- it has to be an arts site- painting, ceramics, photography, murals, glass, stained glass, wax, wood, metal work, mixed media, etc. I would prefer actual arts to crafts, but if it’s borderline it'll probably go in unless I’m having a grumpy day.

A link back from your site would be appreciated, but isn’t necessary. (Not sure why folks don’t want to do this as it *HELPS* to get  more people to *YOUR* site because search engines rank sites higher when links run in both directions, but some people know better. I've only managed to get 300,000 plus viewers to my little personal website, but what do I know?) If you’re not going to give me a link at least have the courtesy to give my site a facebook like or Google Plus 1- or both. Thanks.

B. Massoni