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John Audubonís legendary The Birds of America is now available as an eBook in both Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook Book format. It can also be used on the iPad, Android, and other tablets and smart devices with the appropriate free app, listed below.

The Birds of America was originally published as a subscription book in 87 installments delivered between 1835 and 1838. The genius of Audubonís pen and brush, and Robert Havellís engravers and colorists, created an instant classic, though this single book cost as much as a modest sized home. When you consider the amount of work that went into each example, the time and expense it took to produce are almost understandable. Audubon's nearly photo-real paintings were shipped across the Atlantic where they were engraved by Havell, printed at a 1:1 scale (the birdís life size) on custom manufactured paper, and then hand colored and shipped to subscribers five pages at a time, one shipment approximately every two weeks. You wonít have to wait that long, though, or go to nearly the expense. This eBook edition has all 435 plates of the DEF edition, freshly restored and reproduced in full color, with a fully linked table of contents to allow you rapid access to your favorite birds. Please look at the examples below, or feel free to download the sample eBooks.

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Due to limitations in the Nook distribution format, the Nook Book edition is released as three volumes of 145 plates each- 435 total.

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Due to limitations in the Kindle distribution format, the Kindle edition is released as two volumes, one of 217 plates, the other 218- 435 total.

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Below are samples taken directly from the eBook. Depending upon your deviceís screen size, resolution, and pixel density, they may appear smaller than on your computer screen; if you didn't notice, there are sample editions for both Nook and Kindle listed above, so you can check out how they'll look on your device. (Note: while you can get samples at either Amazon or B&N, their sample system isn't set up for graphic intensive books, and you end up with a very short sample of text only. The samples above have pictures of the birds in them.) Because color was so important to Audubonís work, this eBook is recommended for units with color screens. Because these pictures are oriented in Ďportraití mode, exactly as the original, it is recommended for hand held devices which can be rotated to view them correctly (like the iPad, Kindle Fire, Android Tablet, etc.), or PCs that have screen rotation hot buttons.

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Audubon's American White Pelican
Birds of America Chuck Wills Widow
Audubon's Louisiana Tanager
Birds of America Violet Green and Townsend's Cormorants
Audubon's American Flamingo