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Black & white picture for sale
The ‘email the photographer’ link above should be all you need, but if it doesn’t work, the address is info@ and then the domain name of this website which is naturalabstraction and then add .com You can just cut and paste the pieces that aren’t blue. Sorry for the rigamarole, but the spambots just make it impossible to list an email address normally.

While I’m happy to answer many questions related to photography and art, please don’t try to sell me anything. I have all the herbal organ enlargers I need, and I’m not interested in becoming rich by moving gold out of the dark continent.

I’m easier to contact via email, but you can also call me at the number at right if there’s an email hiccup. (I cannot, however, take orders over the phone.)

B. Massoni
Nature picture for sale
Black and white photograph for sale
Ansel Adams like photos for sale
Ansel Adams like photos for sale
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Modern art pictures for sale
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