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Ttree bark photographs for sale
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f64 school photographs for sale
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Edward Weston like print for sale
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-I retain the copyright to all my work.

-If you purchase a print you (obviously) have the right to display it in your home, business, or public space, resell the original print sold to you for any price you can get for it without owing me a cent, do pretty much anything you want with it except make copies of it.

Reuse of website material-

-You may post copies of pictures you find on this website on your not for profit websites and social media pages and sites without further permission, so long as they are not modified, and so long as you credit me. A link to this website would be appreciated, but is not mandatory. If your page(s)/site are specifically political or controversial it/they must NOT indicate or imply that I support your/its/their point of view. This permission is revokable at any time.

-You may not post my pictures on any page or site you operate for profit.

-To clarify, sites like Facebook, tumblr, and Pinterest may be commercial websites, but so long as you don’t own the site and have not configured your page(s) to generate revenue for yourself, you can post to them with the conditions listed above.

-You may NOT fix in tangible form any work you find here for any reason without written permission. (‘Fix in tangible form’ means to create something physical, like a print, T-shirt, coffee cup, sculpture, etc.)

-If you want to license my work for commercial purposes please contact me.

B. Massoni