Links of interest- mostly arts and outdoors sites. If you can’t find something of interest here you’ve got problems.

Artists’ websites- This links to Frank Csoka’s online art gallery where he sells the elegant etchings of his late father, Stephen Csoka. Frank was quite generous with his time and knowledge advising me about the basics of approaching the web as an artist.

Brigitte Bize- is a painter with a strong style, tender, but still strong.

Mark Eanes-  From his website, ‘, at its very best, is transcendent...’ Here is another artist who just gets it.

William Harsh- Dali meets Picasso, the results aren’t displeasing.

Bea Guttman- is an amazing painter who makes the best kind of painting- those you can’t describe.

William Harsh- makes paintings that seem to be a kind of representational cubism. 

Douglas Andelin- painter and sculptor. IMHO, some of his paintings are really first rate.

Jeffrey Carter Kelling- is a painter without a single style which makes him hard to categorize- that’s a good thing. His agent and galleries probably hate it, but it’s still a good thing.

Kay Bradner- She paints what she loves to look at. Now there’s an artist with the right idea. If only art consumers and critics would catch on.

David M. Gibson- is a pastel artist who’s work, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, ‘goes beyond the ocular.’ Yeah, I’ll buy that.

Peter Brown- does collaborative works mixing images and writing, obviously a man who’s looked deeply into my soul.

Marguerite Fletcher- is another modern impressionist with some interesting work.

Marty Jonas- is a world traveling fiber artist.

Doug Gorsline- takes art and commercial photos. He’s the only one other photographer I’ve seen take a  picture of tree bark, so maybe I’m not that odd. Of course, he only has the one picture and it’s become a virtual fetish with me.

SWpaint- is the website of Stephen Schultz, an artist with a long CV and some interesting paintings to go with it, Fischl-like without being derivative is the only way I can describe them.

Hedi B. Desuyo- takes wonderful photographs and produces mixed media works, too.

Arthur Stern Studios- is Arthur Stern’s architectural glass studio. However he also does mixed media work, pastels, and what he calls ‘enhanced prints.’

Robert Quarrick- is another fine art glass artist with a unique eye.

Paintsong- the artwork of Lee Michael Altman and Linda Grebmeier.

John Jonas- is an incredibly creative artist, who among other things, has used coffee as a painting medium.

Sandra Summerfield Kozak- is a yoga instructor and painter. It shows.

Christine Arthur- is another artist who won’t be constrained by a single medium. She practices photography, sculpture, and other mediums.

Zebra Paints- The artwork of Camilla and Richard Shaffer.

Edward Brooks Fine Art- Edward Brooks is a sculptor, painter, and photographer who, according to his website, draws inspiration from expressionism, calligraphy, collage, and nature. 

Claudia Alvarez- her paintings, sculptures, and drawings. Like to see children with guns? She has a whole series of them.

Jeanne Lamosse- According to Jeanne, ‘The act of painting is a process of searching and liberating... in order to connect with the deeper mysteries and archetypes.’ I don’t know if she’s overthinking it, but at least she’s thinking about it, which is better than most folks.

Sharon Payne Bolton- does abstract and mixed media work.

Janine Barrera Castillo- does brightly colored, cubist inspired work, some of which is oddly mesmerizing.

Alex Paints- this is Darlene Alexander’s gallery, a painter.

Katrine Naleid- is a commercial photographer. She’s done projects for Yoga Journal and Walmart. Her ‘about’ section is mostly a list of bands she likes; it takes a lot of guts to commit that to pixels.

Catherine Fasciato- According to Catherine, ‘Paintings, like music, can stir the emotions.’ She paints everything from landscapes to portraits. Intriguingly, her landscapes have a classic 19th century feel to them, while everything else is distinctly more modern.

Greg Valley- does both commercial and fine art.

Biganess Livingstone- According to the artist, ‘I feel no fear as I work, there are no voices to listen to.’ If it were only that easy to stop the voices inside my head.

Carol Dalton- makes, ‘collaged and pigmented paintings on board.’ Some is quite good.

Mary Oros Sculpture- is the website of Mary Oros, sculptor- big surprise. She does some quite interesting, organically inspired work.

Mike Slack- not slacker, an art photographer with considerable talent.

David Gray Nature Photography- What he does is pretty self-explanatory. David, ‘loves nature, in its majesty and whimsy.’

Roseanne Smith- is another photographer with a strong color palette and a highly varied portfolio- butterflies, bridges, insects, lighthouses- she shoots them all.

Les Overstock- Les Overstock is an artist who works in paint and ceramics. He works mostly with a pleasant, soft, pallet, and produces some powerful work.

Gene Dominique Photography- Gene is a photographer with an eclectic repertoire who believes that art ‘beckons the artist.’

George Draper Photography- ‘specializes in portraits, work environments, celebrations and home interiors.’ Wow, that’s a lot of specialties.

Ann Baldwin- is a photographic artist who creates mixed media style work. She also takes stock photos.

Athina Pazolli- Her paintings are shocking, vibrant, electric, and alive. Her drawn nudes are more muted, even subtle, but still vibrate with an incredible almost neurotic energy. 

Audrey Sebastian- paints haunting figural abstractions that are difficult to categorize- even her muted works can be described as sharp, and precise. There’s not a wasted stroke anywhere. 

Carolyn S. Goodridge- is an abstract painter whose paintings have warmth, heart, and even occasional humor. They’re worth more than a casual look.

Connie & Bob Dornberg- create modern impressionism with tremendous scope. Their work is based on impressionists of the past, but moves briskly into the future. 

Dina Goldstein- is an engaging photographer with a good eye and journalistic style. She leans mostly towards commercial work, with some documentary as well. 

June Harwood’s Gallery- June paints ethereal abstract landscapes, that, like so much art, is difficult to explain with words. Her earlier, hard edged works, can be seen here.

Kelly Moore- He calls himself a flea market artist. Some of his stuff is must see. 

Leon Engelen- Leon paints stunningly real animal subjects. They have the vibrations of the old masters, yet there’s something decidedly modern about them. 

Tim Leary- No, not the drug chugging counterculture guru, Tim J. Leary, artist. Tim says, “My paintings examine the curves, angles and colors that make up our visual universe.” I’ve got another description- linear cubism, and advice for the viewer- pay attention to the subtly, that’s where the art lives. 

Mirko Cavalli- This site links to Italian abstract painter and sculptor Mirko Cavalli. He's doing interesting work. It's worth a look. 

Lynne Taetzsch- is another abstract painter who defies conventional description. ‘Folded introspection’ is the best way I can describe her work. You really have to see these paintings to believe them.

Maurizio Chelucci- A photographer with an incredibly diverse portfolio. Don’t miss his sand and gravel photos. They’re subtle, but wonderful.

Merlin Emrys- People who say abstraction died with Pollock should take one look at “Inner Landscape 1” or “Painted Cave,” to see that not only has it survived, but evolved. 

Mike Kious- Abstraction, of course, is the abstraction of reality. Most abstract artists carry abstraction to the point that reality disappears, leaving only its essence. Mike blurs it slightly. It gives his paintings a strong anchor. 

Sigurd’s Gallery- All I can say is you have to see some these paintings to believe them. I sense Dali's influence here, but carried in a new, almost formal, direction. 

Robert Apte- takes pictures of everything from icebergs to monks, from Bali to Guatemala. His site is a bit like opening an old National Geographics. 

Celie Placzek- is yet another travel, art, HDR photographer with some interesting work.

Lew Lorton- is a photographer with a diverse portfolio and unique point of view- and by unique I mean you’ve probably seen his ‘type’ of photos before, but his take on them is personal, and you can’t get higher praise than that.

Bill Chayes- a former professor of mine, used to make amazing sculptures and take photographs. Now it looks like he’s involved mainly in the production of documentary films.

Nick Chaldakov’s Photography Gallery- Nick does a bit of everything. Naturally I’m attracted to his fine art abstract work, but he also does realism, portraits, travel, landscapes, and he has an interesting gallery of digital work as well. 

Rochelle Blumenfeld’s Paintings- Rochelle specializes in Judaica and Abstracts. Naturally I’m partial to her abstract work, which has a cubist edge to it that adds real bite. Her works seem to leap off the canvas- or tear through it. She also has a series of dance inspired paintings with more than a hint of the spirtual in them. 

Saelon Renkes Photography- has hand painted landscapes and still lifes that are quite subtle and interesting, and a lot more besides. 

Shawn McNulty- paints with a strong, linear style. Though his work is undeniably modern, the nearly square format of many of his recent paintings produce a Klimtian landscape feel- they stand like Sumo wrestlers. His prints have a slightly Warholian take. 

Celluloid & Silver- Traditional fine art photography by Todd Schoenbaum.

Martha Mottau Reisdorf- does some incredible abstract paintings.

Paul Poltis- Creator of beautiful black and white photographs.

Dan Massey- His fine art photography monochrome prints.

Mindstorm Photo- is Burt Johnson’s photo site. He’s another globe trotter with pictures from around the world that could grace any glossy travel brochure.

Diana Rebman- is a wildlife photographer with both ‘highly honored’ and ‘commended’ images. Some of them are pretty good, too.

Aphra Pia Photograpy- the site of award-winning photographer Aphra Pia, who, according to her website, photographs everything from, ‘unfamiliar animals,’ to ‘ethnic people.’

George Gach- A website devoted to the work created by the late artist.

Eleanor Briccetti Photography- Eleanor is a wildlife, nature, and ‘foreign lands’ photographer.

Kaser Glass Studio- Adam Kaser’s glass studio, where he makes mostly ocean inspired glass works.

Wendy Csoka- The colorfully sensual work of Wendy Csoka.

The old Natural Abstraction- From back when I still did traditional chemical photography. While I’m not currently selling any of these prints, preferring to move into the future rather than live in the past, you’re welcome to poke around. Remember to use the ‘back’ button, though, as using the home button in the old site will bring you to the current site.

San Francisco area East Bay Artists-

Mira M. White- An amazing painter. Check her out.

Kim’s Portraits- Watercolor portraits by Kim Kearns.

Seema Mahboob Fine Art- Now this is my kind of painting, a must see site.

Jody Mattison- She calls herself a contemporary realist. She produces gorgeous figurative and landscape paintings.

Anthony Woodruff-  He calls himself a specialist in landscapes, abstracts, and portraits. That’s a lot of specialties, but the paintings are good.

Patsy Taylor- A painter who paints wonderful landscapes, among other things.

David’s Art- Artist David Hill does it all, sculptures in ceramic and bronze, and 2D work in charcoal, pastel, and acrylic. Hint- don’t miss the ceramics. 

Beverly Turner Sculptures- A figurative artist who works in ceramics and bronze.

Steve Hobbs Photography- Steve Hobbs takes beautiful landscape photographs of the Contra Costa County area.

Jeanette Baird’s Painting Studio- A painter who claims to be drawn mostly figurative works, but also paints great landscapes, as well as floral and animal pictures. She works in both oil and acrylic.

Judith Feins- is a gifted painter who does particularly moving landscapes

Polly Bradbury Designs- a glass and metal artist. She has some amazing stuff.

Alys Briggs- is a photographer with a broad scope, good eye, and some rather interesting pictures.

Gerry Severson- is a landscape painter who does impressionist work that harkens back to traditional photographic landscapes of the early 20th Century.  

Jill Landau- is a painter who creates wonderful, airy, impressionistic paintings.

Carla Williams Gelbaum Fine Art- Carla does modern figural work and ‘dreamscapes’ reminiscent of some of the greats.

Irenka Jewelry- Irenka Kudlicki makes interesting and beautiful jewelry. 

Judy Miller- makes collages, assemblages, and sculptures. Most art can’t be adequately described in words- what Judy does more so. You have to see it to understand it.

Lindsay Art Glass- David Lindsay is a Benicia, California glass artist with incredible skill; you need to see his work. 

George Ehrenhaft- a watercolorist who specializes in landscapes.

Lucas-Hill Art & Design- Margaret Lucas-Hill does a little of everything, from coasters and magnets to landscapes on silk.  

Hawk Oak Studios- Geoffrey Meredith makes interesting representational landscapes oddly reminiscent of Edward Hopper, yet still original, and abstract expressionist paintings that are completely original.

Mike Kendall- is a Benicia, California based sculptor, painter, creator of amazing mixed media pieces. 

Studio E- features Elizabeth Lundburg’s wood turnings. You don’t often think of turning and art, but her stuff is freakin’ amazing.

The Painter Man- is what Sammy Morse calls himself. This may come as a surprise, but he paints, both with paints and pixels.

Donna Covey Paintings- She says she enhances, ‘the beauty of buildings and signs’ with ‘splashy color.’ It’s an apt description of what she does.

Studio Mele- is the home of Joeseph Mele’s art. He’s another one of these multi-talented people who seems to be able to turn his hand towards any medium.

Mernie Art & Design Studio- Mernie Buchanan is another seemingly omni-medium, omni-style artist, with a studio in Benicia.

Nourot Glass Studio- the studio of Micheal and Nicholas Nourot, and Ann Corcoran. They make traditional Italian art glass corporate awards in Benicia, California... among other things- really, really, nice things.

Rolando S Barrero- is an award winning Benicia based plein air watercolor artist.

Robbin T. Milne- paints incredibly evocative abstracts.

Kari Brinck- is a Norwegian born Benician who works in sculpture and paint.

Joanne Corbaley- is a California plein air artist. 

Terry Hughes- Terry Hughes Artist, does original oils and giclee prints of his oils. A lot of his work is animal based.

Iris Sabre Plein Air Painting- pretty much says it all.


Art Blogs-

It’s Only Art?- Daniel Ferris’ blog on Photography, Ceramics, Abstract Painting, Collage, and Art Jewelry. He has some nice takes on subjects others have turned into ‘dead horses.’

Art Now- Giselle Borzov’s blog on, oh, what was it now? Oh, art ;) Giselle is a rather broad based thinker when it comes to the subject, more the Mycroft than the Sherlock if you know what I mean. If you don’t go to Project Gutenburg immediately and read The Bruce-Partington Plans.

JJ Charlesworth- It’s JJ’s art blog, and has a bunch of good articles on a broad spectrum of art.

Dead Hare Art Review- An art blog dedicated to the Melbourne art scene. Who would have thought it, artists in Australia?

Temporary Art Review- in its own words it’s, ‘...a platform for contemporary art criticism that focuses on alternative spaces and critical exchange among disparate art communities.’


San Francisco area East Bay galleries and Arts Organizations-

Delta Gallery of the Arts- A small art gallery in Brentwood, California.

Gallery 621- A membership art gallery in Benicia, California

Moraga Art Gallery- A gallery in Moraga, California.

Epperson Gallery- An art gallery in Valona, California

The Lafayette Art Gallery- Is a cooperative art gallery located in Lafayette, California

Arts Vallejo- tells the community what’s happening in the world of Vallejo art, and, according to their site, ‘We’ll do out best to exercise discretion in what we choose to publish.’ OK.

Lamorinda Arts Alliance- An organization of artist from the Lafayette-Orinda area of California.

Arts Benicia- An arts center and gallery in Benicia, California, featuring emerging Bay Area artists.

Diablo Regional Arts Association- An arts program mainly associated with the performing arts.

Bedford Gallery- an art gallery housed in the Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek, California

Art Cottage- A small gallery in Concord, California

Clay Arts Guild- The clay arts guild of Walnut Creek, California

Valley Art Gallery- a membership gallery in Walnut Creek, California

Art for Antioch- an arts and culture site for Antioch, California

Brentwood Art Society- Their motto is, ‘Encouraging the creative mind,’ which is more than a lot of arts sites do. They’re involved in all areas of the east county arts and culture scene.

The Concord Arts Association- Blog of the Concord, Califonia, Arts Association, billed as the oldest art association in Contra Costa County  

The Martinez Arts Association- runs a gallery in Martinez, CA, and also has an annual ‘art in the park’ event.

Art Concepts- an art consulting service with an impressive list of corporate clients.

Alamo Danville Artists’ Society- an East Bay artists group.

Benica Plein Air Gallery- it features works done exclusively in the studio. Oh, wait, it features work done in plein air (outdoors).

Studio 41- An arts and crafts gallery in Benicia, CA.

Berkeley Camera Club- A Berkeley, California, based photography group.

Arts Guild of Sonoma- showcases community artists.

Dos Gatos Gallery- Another Benicia gallery featuring some talented artists.

Vallejo Community Arts Foundation- From their website, ‘The primary objectives and purposes of VCAF are to promote and enhance public awareness, appreciation, and participation in community arts programs...’ and it goes on from there. Either they do a lot or their copywriter is paid by the word.

Eastside Arts Alliance- calls itself an organization of artists, cultural workers, and community organizers.

Procyon Gallery- A Vallejo, California based gallery and framing shop. Interesting combination.

Expressions Gallery- is a Berkeley, California art gallery.

F&R Fine Arts- is a small gallery in San Ramon that specializes in 20th Century Japanese prints. How small is it? It fits inside a P.O. Box.


Commercial Art Galleries, Large Arts Organizations, and Arts Magazines-

ARTslant- is, ‘the #1 contemporary art network,’ if they do say so themselves.

Peter Blake Gallery- is a Laguna Beech gallery representing a whole host of interesting artists. 

Rosamund Felsen Gallery- is a Santa Monica based gallery hosting a variety of interesting artists.

Linda Hodges Gallery- is a Seattle based gallery located in the Pioneer Square district which represents a diverse group of important local artists.

Geoffrey Smith Fine Art- is a gallery without a fixed place of residence. It puts on shows in New York and San Francisco.

Elins Eagles-Smith Gallery- is a large San Francisco based gallery representing both emerging artists and 20th Century masters like Calder, Picasso, and Chagall, and even boasts of having works by major 19th Century artists like Cassatt.

Elizabeth Leach Gallery- is a Portland, Oregon based gallery representing mostly Pacific Northwest artists.

Artnet- is Artnet. Trust me, it’s big and slick. You’ll love it or hate it.

London Art Reviews- is pretty self explanatory, or, in their own words, ‘tries to express the uneasy artistic concepts in a simple manner.’ Peachy.

The Art Book Review- is a review of art books- no surprise there.

Artist Portfolio Magazine- is an online artist portfolio magazine, and they’ll consider putting your work in it, too- if you pay them. It’s good to see the walls between editorial and advertising falling away, isn’t it?


Major Public Art Galleries With an Online Presence-

The National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

Metropolitian Museum of Art, New York, NY

The Guggenheim, New York, NY

Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY

J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, CA   This is it folks, the 600 pound gorilla of the art world that you’ve heard so much about. They have more money than they know how to spend, so buy everything, but don’t have enough parking so nobody can see what’s inside. Maybe they can fund my next sculpture. I call it ‘Parking Lot,’ an interactive outdoor exhibit featuring acres of asphalt with white stripes that people are encouraged to park cars on before going into the museum to see the other art.

Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA- A tip for popular shows- buy your ticket online and you can bypass the lines, go directly to the ‘will call’ desk, then walk in. 

The De Young and Legion of Honor, San Francisco, CA- Two museums for the price of one website.

Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL

Smart Art Museum, Chicago, IL

Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL

New Orleans Museum of Art, New Orlean, LA- Art- Cajun style.

Philidelphia Museum of Art, Philidelphia, PA- Let freedom ring.

Kunstsammlung, Basel, Switzerland

Kunstmuseum, Bern, Switzerland

Kunsthaus, Zurich, Switzerland- Yes, the Swiss have art, lots of it, in fact.

The Hermitage, Saint Petersburg, Russia- Thanks to Stalin and Putin you can still see many of Germany’s art treasures here.

The Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence, Italy- “Nobody ever says Italy.”

The Tate, London, England

Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England

The Louvre, Paris, France- And if you look carefully through 3 feet of glass, you can see that famous ‘no eyebrows’ painting.

The Prado, Madrid, Spain

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal, Canada


Online Art Resources-

Picsearch- They claim to have cataloged 3 billion pictures. Well, ain’t that nice?

Artelaide- An Australian site calling itself the premiere website for emerging artists in Adelaide.

Artcyclopedia- This site allows you to search for famous artists on the web.

World Artist Directory- I wonder what this site aims to be?

d’ART- Links to thousands of artists on the web.

Abstract Art Webring- Really? I didn’t know there were any webrings still active, but last time I checked, there they were.

Painter Gallery- They list me as doing watercolors and photography. I haven’t touched watercolors since I stopped finger painting (at 25) but the photography part is right :)

Photo-Gallery- It is what it says.

Designopsy- Their motto- ‘We perform autopsy on design.’ Better their motto than mine.

Fotosearch- This one is here by request. It’s not an arts site, but a commercial stock photo site, and so a bit outside the normal purview of this links page, but it’s close, and they asked nicely, so I’ve included it. 


Nature and Outdoors-

Mount Diablo Interpretive Association- This organization provides information about Mount Diablo. Go the web site, and the mountain, if you can. 

California State Parks- Find information on the California State Park System. 

The National Arbor Day Foundation- I’ve always thought it a shame that hippies who mutated into yuppies hijacked Arbor Day to create Earth Day, because I get this feeling they’re only real concern is cashing in on it. You’re better off planting a tree than watching corporate sponsored dancing bears and drinking monosodium glutamate filled fruit smoothies. Visit the National Arbor Day Foundation website, then get your hands dirty. Plant something that may live a thousand years, or blooms for only a few hours its whole life. Either way it’s life, and life is magical. 

National Park Service- The NPS’s official website. 

World Wildlife Fund- The WWF’s official website. There’s not one picture of Hulk Hogan, but be prepared to get bashed over the head anyway, not with a steel chair, but their unique brand of wildlife preservation. 

National Audubon Society- John Audubon discovered birds and introduced them to the world. “Birds, world. World, birds.” 

Birds of America eBook- My own version of Mr. Audubon’s Birds of America, for Kindle and Nook. 

Sierra Club- As fond of nature as I am I’m not a member of this group. In my opinion they have strayed from the course and spend far too much time worrying about political correctness and nowhere near enough time actually hugging trees. It’s worth a visit to their site anyway. 

Ducks Unlimited- is what the Sierra Club should be. While I’m not a hunter (and won’t eat ducks or any other flesh) I’m impressed with this group because they’re one of the only environmental groups that puts its money where its mouth is. Instead of whining about how the government should protect wetlands they actually go out and do it. They’ve raised money, bought, and preserved hundreds of thousands of acres.


Special friends-  (No, not that kind of ‘special.’)

Vividweb- If you found this website via a search engine you can thank Vaughn Lambird of Vivid Web. He was a close friend and gave me great assistance in getting virtually all aspects of this website up and running. Vaughn died not long ago in a tragic accident. He is deeply missed, but Vivid Web lives on. If you need local web design in Kent, UK, go to Vividweb. 

iDiC Entertainment- When I’m not taking photos I've been known to work on other media projects. I’ve been working with idic since its inception, and have been lucky enough to know and work with its founder, Rene Perez, for many years. 

Rudney Associates- Eric Rudney is one of the East Bay’s best financial planners and consultants, and has been of immense help to my family.

Settings by Trish- In addition to being a really nice person she’s a talented home stager in the East Bay area of San Francisco. If you need house staging call Trish first.

WYSIWYG Web Builder is the software used to create this site. While not perfect, it’s the best website creation tool I’ve used so far.

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