Starry Night-A Tree's Dream is a black and white photograph of knot holes in driftwood. Technically it's not driftwood, as it's more than 3000 feet up Mt. Diablo. Maybe weathered wood would be a better term. It's by Barry Massoni, one of the near abstract photos in Natural Abstraction's flora and fauna gallery.
June 27th, 2002, on Mt. Diablo in Prospector's Gap
starry night - a tree's dream
      As an artist, I usually don't comment on my own photographs, preferring to let them speak for themselves, but in this case I'll make an exception. Not only did I think this subject was striking, and meant more than a pair of knot holes in rotting wood, but I found myself thinking of all the things the tree 'saw' (as you might have guessed I found the paired dark empty holes in such white wood eerily similar to a skull). This tree was close to Prospector's Gap, and probably saw the first miners come to the mountain looking for gold in the 1850's, then saw the copper and quicksilver miner's come, set up their mines, and probably saw them leave too, before falling in some raging storm, going the way of all living things. I guess it's my poet's soul that believes the tree is sleeping, dreaming of all the dark starry nights it saw before the cities grew up around Mt. Diablo, nights impressed in its grain, looking very much like Van Gogh's Starry Night, even as we're inspired by a magnificence which shines through, even in decay.